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The Hardest Thing You Will Ever Do - A Brand NEW CiP Podcast

Join Nathan Beatty each week as he discusses his daily struggles trying to be healthy as a busy husband and father. This is truly a self-help podcast, because he does it for himself. If someone else benefits, then even better.

We will talk about exercise, eating right, getting mentally healthy, and so much more. Join Nathan on his journey to be a healthy person.

Disclaimer: Nathan Beatty is not a licensed nutritionist, doctor, or fitness instructor. He is just a regular guy trying to make it in the world. Please consult your doctor before you begin any new diet or exercise routine.

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Disclaimer: Nathan is not a doctor, counselor, or therapist. He holds no licenses or certifications. This podcast is only to share his personal journey to becoming a healthier husband and father. Please speak to a professional or doctor before making any lifestyle changes or therapies.